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Since the launch in 1986 we have been creating new products which had not existed in order to utilize the energy more safely and effectively. "More free" as the concept of our mission is to challenge new things. Recently, the global environment is at an important crossroad. There are strong needs for new safe and effective technologies to utilize renewable energies, which includes solar power generation and the wind power generation. We are contributing to the conservation of the global environment through introducing insulation resistance testers for solar power generation into the market. It was the first product in the industry.

“More free” Challenge new things

What makes introducing new products which had never existed till then.

With “More free” as the word, multi measuring instruments continuously challenge new things. Its establishment in 1986, in order to utilize the energy safely and smoothly, multi measuring instrument Co., Ltd has been introducing product with the new concepts to the world. The story is about the “technical background” of Fumio Iwasaki, the engineer who has played an important part in technology.


The products are manufactured through strict inspection at the factory in Japan. Especially, one by one, craftsmen are hand making clamp testers which measure small value currents with high precision. There are high technical products which cannot be imitated by other companies. At the factory, there are several other calibrators with traceability, and we exert ourselves every day to meet the accuracy required by customers.

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The lead is hidden in the actual fields

Firstly, for new ideas, I think of concepts in my head. It is important to always understand the concepts in order to proceed. Also, the most important thing in the development of “measuring instruments” is to clarify the cause and results theoretically from observation in the actual field experiments. Because the information is hidden in the data and the fields, I pick up on the signal by studying test observation carefully. We should not chase price competition by developing common products which every manufacturer can make. The customers are seeking “the request is satisfied (+ patentability), the price remains the same as before, and small-sizing and performance improvement for enough”.

Finding “Measuring Instruments”

The reason why I have chosen “electricity” among the engineering departments at the University is because I liked mathematics and it was used frequently in the faculty. After that I have come across measuring instruments at what place. There was no split type ZCT with few influences from the residual currents. It was very inconvenient. Then, I thought “it should be developed by ourselves”. My boss of those days and I together had started developing a split type ZCT which is able to measure leakage current with high accuracy and the live conditions.

Secure and safe

Current measurement is one of the important points for maintaining the safety of facilities. By detecting anomalies as soon as possible, it prevents accidents and power blackouts, and it prevents destruction of facilities or other occurrences of fire from electric leakage currents.
The clamp tester is able to measure currents without disconnecting the power supply to the facility. It is now an indispensable product for the facility maintenance. Also, by monitoring the leakage current, it protects people from electric shock. The safety maintained with our products continues to support people’s lives.

Daily accumulation creates new “Value”

“If you cannot satisfy your customers’ request you will have no feature”, and then I believe that if I cannot satisfy customers' requests I will not be needed by the customers. Even if I cannot satisfy the request fully I will exert myself to prepare alternative proposals to fulfill the request as much as possible. In this way, by always understanding the backgrounds of the customers, the repeating practice of trial and error leads to the development of next generation products.


As the time changes required things change Recently purchased “photovoltaic power generation” which is one utilized by Solar Energy, as renewable energy, due to the mechanism of photovoltaic systems the flow of electric power is changing. The floor was originally only from the power plants to the facilities. Furthermore, although applications of AI and IoT are increasing in the wider society now in the industry of testing and measuring instruments the application is finally being introduced into products. At the actual testing fields, still the measurements at switchboards inside the cubicles are common. The electric accidents are mostly the burnout cases for electric leakage causes, caused by complicated wiring in the distribution boards or at terminal equipment. In the future with the use of AI and IoT through wiring to the end equipment I hope to improve Energy Efficiency to prevent electrical accidents. Even in this scenario, because multi measuring instrument Co,. Ltd has the technology of sensors it is necessary to maintain the competitive features of CT code Technology.

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